Ford Fiesta


Fiesta has been one of Ireland’s best-loved small cars and packed as it is with truly cutting edge technology. New Fiesta is a great mix of style, technology and fuel efficiency that appeals to the all.

Fiesta offers an advanced package of technologies including voice-activated in-car connectivity system - Ford SYNC, Active City Stop, Satellite Navigation Systems, rear-view cameras and MyKey to mention but a few. It is also available with the acclaimed 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine to deliver outstanding fuel economy.

Ford SYNC. Advanced hands-free technology

One of Fiesta’s smart new technologies is Ford SYNC. You can control your music, make and receive calls on your mobile all by using simple direct voice commands. As well as reading out text messages, it plays songs from a USB or MP3 and can stream music from a Bluetooth-compatible mobile phone. This advanced SYNC system also has Emergency Assistance. In the unlikely event of an accident this technology uses your mobile phone to call the emergency services and notifies them of your location.


Worry-free car sharing with MyKey®

Ford MyKey is an innovative programmable feature that encourages safer driving. MyKey lets you tailor car settings to suit individual users. So, if you’re lending the car to someone else, you can set the maximum speed limit, set a seatbelt reminder and even control the volume of the audio system. This innovative new technology is designed to help keep drivers and passengers safe and give you peace of mind

An innovative centre console that puts you in control

An advanced, multi-functional centre console enables you to control many of the car’s systems from one place. All the functions are clearly displayed on screen and you can access many of them via toggles on the steering wheel too

The Fiesta lights your way to your door

When you arrive home at night, you just flash the left stalk and the Home Safe headlights will stay on for 30-seconds lighting your way from the car. This useful feature is standard across the whole range.

To avoid low speed collisions, the Fiesta brakes for you

Accidents in stop-start, slow moving traffic happen all-too frequently. Active City Stop is an advanced technology designed to help you avoid them. At speeds of under 19mph, the system detects if the car in front has unexpectedly stopped, and automatically applies the brakes for you.

ESC helps you stay in control, whatever the conditions

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) constantly monitors your car’s progress, senses if you veer off course or start to skid and automatically corrects your road position. The system is designed to help you maintain control of the car and can also help reduce stopping distances in an emergency

Whatever you want or need from your Fiesta, there’s one for you!

Some features referenced above may be optional extras at additional cost.