Ford Mondeo


Sleek, striking, cutting-edge styling creates a dynamic silhouette: a visual statement that powerfully conveys the car’s exceptional performance and efficiency. 

Combine this sophisticated, intelligent design with meticulous craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technologies, and this is the most advanced Mondeo ever.

Using intelligent technology, the car constantly reacts to what’s going on around it, continually responding to the road conditions, other traffic and your own driving. A host of advanced features can also make life easier. 

From LED headlamps that adjust their beam pattern to the surrounding conditions to a communications system you can operate with your voice. And from one feature that takes the stress out of parking to another that helps you stay in lane.

Five-star safety and a unique new technology
The latest Mondeo has already been awarded a maximum five-star rating by Europe’s leading independent safety organisation, Euro NCAP. In fact, the car is equipped with many Ford technologies that have previously been recognised with Euro NCAP Advanced Awards for safety innovation. And this car is the first of the Ford range to be equipped with Rear Inflatable Seatbelts.

This is a vehicle designed with a purpose beyond pure aesthetics. In fact, the car has been shaped and styled to cut through the air with minimum resistance, which helps to improve fuel efficiency.